Our areas of expertise

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The professional planning of electrical infrastructure is the basis for an optimally designed control solution. Every customer is provided with a clearly structured EPLAN wiring overview diagram.

We produce every aspect of all of the programmes required for controlling plants and systems. This enables us to be sure we have access to all software component source codes – at all times.

We pay particular attention to the following when selecting the hardware components used to implement control solutions:

  • We use the best technologies for each respective task
  • Reliability and operational life
  • Minimised maintenance requirements
  • Spare parts supply for breakdowns

In order to meet the highest standards, we exclusively use industrial-standard components made by well-known manufacturers, such as:

Siemens, Rittal, Möller, SEW, Lenze, Festo, Stäubli, Mitsubishi, Cognex, Sick, Keyence and many more.

As well as providing our own software products, by building our own electrical enclosures we are able to provide the most suitable switch cabinet components.
The losses, leakage and delays of information that usually occur between the manufacturers of each individual component are eliminated completely – and that’s good news for our customers.

Our electrical enclosures are hooked up to the grid, tested and made ready for commissioning.

Experience repeatedly shows that the commissioning and start-up phase is essential to the reliability of a system. Hence, we ensure this work is done by the employees who were responsible for the development of the programmes. Of course, we consider this self-imposed obligation to accompany commissioning, production start-up and hand-over procedures to be valid for all customers – also for those outside Europe.

One strength we are repeatedly able to display is the rapid and smooth provision of assistance when customers encounter machine and system problems and breakdowns. We do our utmost to ensure there are always several specialists capable of solving problems in every field of operation, so there is usually an expert available to help immediately.

This enables many problems to be solved on the telephone, and without long and costly periods of production downtime.

On request we also fit systems with remote maintenance modules capable of diagnosing and solving problems without requiring the physical presence of a mechanic.